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Passion motivates education; education inspires creativity. An appropriate theme for both my work and my life. From an early age, I understood that my passions included pattern, texture, color and living within the creative process.

My first work experience was framing an exhibit for Francois Gillot, whose paintings were created while she lived with Pablo Picasso. This evocative encounter fueled a desire to further my knowledge of the arts and in particular art history. I opened an antique store, honing my business skills and enhancing my art appreciation.

Later, I opened my first design-specific business in Mammoth Lakes, Ca. A simple beginning led to full interior design services, a retail store in Telluride, Co. and an allied membership with the American Society of Interior Designers. Creating a successful and viable business has allowed me to provide a living for myself and my family.

Throughout the years I also began to fulfill another passion, studying the architecture of distant cultures by traveling the world. This self-study has led me to expand the quality and scope of my architectural and interior design background. This ongoing education has been absolutely essential to regenerate my belief in the beauty and longevity of my craft.

I still design under my founding principles, hands-on experience with talent, vision and energy.